xTimer Timing system

What is xTimer?

xTimer is a portable time measurement device that will leave your old chronometer to gather dust in the locker room.

Train like a professional with your own personal timing system.

xTimer pro kit

To be the first, you need to make sure you are doing better than yesterday. With xTimer you will be able to make precise time measurements, get used to starting commands and have competitions with your workout partners on a daily basis.


Push your speed limits and keep track of your progress in xTimer app.


The time is measured to the accuracy of a hundredth of a second.


xTimer can be packed and taken everywhere in a small backpack.

Easy to use

It takes just seconds to set up xTimer on the field and use for a workout.

xTimer timing system

When every millisecond counts

Your sprint story starts right with the gunshot. Therefore xTimer has developed one of a kind reaction measurement system that allows you to measure your reaction time between the gunshot and when you leave the starting blocks.

Designed by coaches and athletes

We have built xTimer together with coaches and athletes. So every feature, every design decision is based on real athlete and coach experience. We are proud that our advisor is Andis Austrups – the best coach in 2012 according to the European Athletics Association.

How xTimer works?

Just place at least two xTimer transmitters on the field, one receiver around your waist and enjoy precise time measurements and statistics in your mobile app during every workout.

Your speed will be measured using the fastest speed known to mankind – the speed of light. The receiver obtains signals from the transmitter using infra-red light and results are sent to the xTimer app using Bluetooth.

xTimer can measure up to 6 athletes at the same time, so it's possible to even host small competitions.

Who can use xTimer?

xTimer is for any athlete, at any professional level who knows that speed matters and wants to use the latest technologies to be faster than others.

Track and field





Our clients

Progressive athletes and coaches enjoy using xTimer in their workouts. Here's what they have to say:

Sindija Bukša

"I'm always looking for something new to improve my performance. I like this innovation because it is compact and it’s not only possible to measure time at a certain distance but also speed of reaction which is very important for sprinting."

Track and field

Champion of 2019 U23 European Championships in 200 meters. National record holder in the 100 meters.

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For professional athletes

In professional sports the difference between winners and losers is measured in milliseconds.

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xTimer Sindija Buksa

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