Although using xTimer is as easy it can get there are some mistakes you could make and usually when there was missed split time or data is not received any of the following mistakes happened.


Not wearing good fitting cloths

To get maximal precision xTimer uses infrared light. And just like it is with lasers when it is covered it does not work.

Wear fit clothes that do not cover the sensors

Wear the Receiver around your waist or chest


Placing receiver on the opposite side

Receiver and Transmitter should be placed on the same side otherwise they do not see each other and do not work.

Make sure that the Receiver is on the same side as the Transmitter is placed along the track.


Displacing transmitter

The transmitter works in two opposite directions. By placing it sideways or at an angle, you will get inaccurate measurements.

Make sure that the Transmitter is placed perpendicular to the track and is not in the angle.


Autosave does not work

If you have enabled autosave function in settings and want xTimer app to autosave the data you have to keep your phone awake all the time. This means disabling the auto-lock function. In order to save battery, we suggest lowering display brightness and keeping power bank close.

Disable auto-lock on your mobile device

Lower the screen brightness

Keep your phone charging using power bank

Not having mobile device at the start when using the start button


When using the Start button always have a mobile device with opened xTimer app at the beginning of the track. The mobile device should be in the range of 10 meters from the athlete. The signal from the start button is transmitted and processed through a mobile device. If the mobile device will be at the finish line, the athlete using the Start button will not get the starting signal.

When using the Start button always have the mobile device at the beginning of the track

Do not lock your phone and keep your app opened all the time when you are using the Start button


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