Competition mode

Competition mode is used to give athletes a start signal from which time measurements will begin. You can measure reaction time as well if you have an xTimer Starter button.

  1. Select the number of transmitters that are placed on the ground. Tap + to increment the value, tap “-” to decrement it.

  2. If you wish to measure reaction time, enable “Use starter buttons” switch to green position.

  3. Here will appear all athletes with xTimer receivers turned on. If you wish you can assign xTimer receiver to another athlete in the Dashboard tab. If you want to exclude athletes from a particular competition then move switch to OFF position.

  4. If you have enabled “Starter buttons” at step 2 then you can change the respective Starter button by tapping here. Select one which athlete has. If it does not show in the list, please check if it's turned ON.

  5. After tapping the “Send start signal” button, the countdown will start. Please turn on the volume to the maximum so athlete's can hear it well. TIP: You can connect your phone to Bluetooth speaker for even louder countdown.