xTimer uses the fastest speed known to mankind - the speed of light. Using infrared light, we can measure the athlete's workout split times with the accuracy of hundredth of a second. It takes just a couple of seconds to set up xTimer and you can begin the training process.

Starter kit


All you need to start measuring your progress. With xTimer starter kit you will be taking the first step to train like a professional athlete and follow your progress on a daily basis. You can always upgrade your kit by buying additional devices to extend your workout possibilities.


2x Transmitters

1x Receiver

1x bag




Pro kit

Simulate competition feeling any time and any place. For professional sprinters reaction time is a crucial factor to achieve elite results. Pro kit includes the start button, so you can measure your reaction time between the starting command from the app and the time you left the starting blocks.


2x Transmitters

1x Receiver

1x Start button

1x bag



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Add extra Transmitter

A transmitter is your checkpoint - place as many as you want on the field to get the most accurate data of your session.

Two directions

A single transmitter works on two directions for athletes who want to challenge each other.


The transmitter emits very narrow infrared light providing a very high precision.

Battery life

No wires! Charge large built-in Li-Po batteries that will last for a couple of months.




Add extra Receiver

xTimer tracks only those athletes who are wearing our lightweight receiver during the workout. This gives you the freedom of training even in the most crowded arenas.

Live data

Send live data to the xTimer app within 40 meters from the mobile device.


Receiver weighs only 47 grams.

Single button

Just press one button to turn the device on and you're ready to run.




Add extra Start button

Your sprint story starts at the moment of a gunshot. Start button has three modes - use the one that suits you the most. No other training equipment has competition mode with an opportunity to measure reaction time.

Competition mode

Measure your reaction time on competition mode. The reaction time is measured with an accuracy of 2/100th of a second.

Free start mode

Use free start mode for 3 point start or block start workouts.

Starting command mode

Starting commands from the mobile phone - "On your marks", "Get set", "Gunshot". 




xTimer Pro app

​Enjoy premium features and subscribe to our Pro app. You will enjoy features like:

  • Data backup in iCloud

  • Athletes' personal best summary

  • Export options (CSV)



Free lifetime access for customers, who purchase xTimer until 1st of September 2020.


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