Last updated: February 28, 2021


xTimer supports individual athletes and coaches by offering compelling cooperation opportunities. We offer three options for potential cooperation.

Junior Distributor

A Junior distributor is an athlete or coach who understands the product and by using his network introduces xTimer to other athletes or coaches. This type of distributor has no risks because the product storage and shipping is handled by the xTimer team. Junior distributor receives 20% of the retail price.

How it works:

  • You have to own the xTimer Pro kit.

  • xTimer team creates a special coupon code for the distributor.

  • Junior distributor suggests xTimer to a new client (an athletic club, another athlete, or a coach). The distributor can use all his social network platforms to promote xTimer.

  • The new client buys xTimer from the website and uses the special coupon at the checkout step.

  • xTimer ships the new client his order.

  • After 30 days money-back period ends the xTimer transfers 20% of the order price to the Junior distributor's bank account. Payout to the Junior distributor happens at the end of each month. *


  • A Junior distributor does not have to handle shipping and inventory.

  • The payment process is handled by the xTimer.

  • Junior distributor receives 20% of the order price. 

  • There are no minimum order amounts for the new client to receive the distributor share of 20%.


  • Smaller distributor share compared to the Premium distributor.

Premium Distributor

A Premium distributor is someone who buys xTimer kits in bulk. The minimum order amount needs to be 7 000 Eur (8 500 USD). A distributor receives a 30% discount from the retail price but needs to handle promotion, storage, and shipping to its clients.

How it works:

  • A Premium distributor buys xTimer devices in bulk. And gets a discount based on the order amount. If a distributor buys xTimer kits for more than 7 000 Eur (8 500 USD) then he gets a 30% discount but if he buys xTimer kits for more than 10 000 EUR (12 000 USD) then he receives a 40% discount.

  • xTimer sends all the units to the Premium distributor and then he is responsible for further shipping and handling of the product. 

  • The distributor uses his social and marketing channels to sell the xTimer product. 

  • xTimer handles the warranty cases based on the shipping and returns policy.


  • A Premium distributor receives a 30% of 40% discount on the retail price.


  • A Premium distributor must handle the further shipping and handling of the product. 

Professional Athlete

A professional athlete is someone who is in the Top10 in his/her age group in any of the following competitions:

  • Olympic games

  • World championships

  • European championships

  • USA National championships


The athlete must be actively competing in international competitions and have active social accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and others).

How it works:

  • The athlete contacts the xTimer team and requests an xTimer Pro kit.

  • xTimer team reviews athlete's compliance to be a Professional athlete by xTimer standards.

  • The athlete and xTimer agree individually on the terms and conditions of xTimer brand promotion in exchange for a free xTimer Pro kit. 

  • xTimer sends the athlete a free xTimer Pro kit.

  • The athlete promotes xTimer on his/her social channels.

  • Based on the results xTimer team can send more units to the athlete if the cooperation goes well.


  • The athlete gets a free xTimer Pro kit.


  • None

* A Junior distributor is fully responsible for the Tax regulations in his country