Pro kit

Pro kit

Simulate competition feeling any time and any place. For professional sprinters reaction time is a crucial factor to achieve elite results. Pro kit includes the start button, so you can measure your reaction time between the starting command from the app and the time you left the starting blocks.
All you need to start measuring your progress. With xTimer pro kit you will be taking the first step to train like a professional athlete and follow your progress on a daily basis.
You will be able to measure the time between two points (transmitters) very precisely. For example, in flying runs, block starts, and other speed drills. 


Pro tip: choose different colors when ordering more than one receiver. This way devices will be easier to identify because every color is assigned to a particular device in the xTimer app later. Please let us know the color you want while placing an order or we will send you a random color.



    • 1 x Receiver
    • 2 x Transmitters
    • 1x Start button
    • 1 x xTimer bag

    Total kit weighs only 550 grams .

    Bag dimensions: 25cm x 22cm x 9cm.


    30-day money back guarantee

    We care about your satisfaction - if you’re not completely satisfied with your xTimer, simply send it back within 30 days and we’ll return 100% of your money - no questions asked!


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