Kristaps Skrastiņš



Former track and field athlete. Expert in prototyping and electronics. Single-handedly made the first prototype. Loves sports and technologies.

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            Linards Šmeiksts



Former track and field athlete. Has a Master's degree in electronics. Passionate robotics enthusiast. Programmer, an electronics engineer.

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            Mārcis Nīmants

            iOS developer


Outdoor activity expert who loves climbing and hiking. In free time participates in hackathons. Marcis has a very strong work ethic and passion for programming as an iOS developer.

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            Rihards Breicis

            Head of sales and CFO


Former top 10 tennis player in Latvia. Physical conditioning enthusiast.  Bachelor's degree in BI Norwegian Business school specializing in Finance. Professional career in Project Management with a previous experience building a start-up company.

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            Krista Umbraško

            PR, social media and copywriting


Has completed loads of marathons... on Netflix. Not an athlete, however, enjoys spending time actively outdoors. Maintains webpages and social media profiles for companies on a daily basis.

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xTimer team consists of passionate sports enthusiasts, who love sports and technology. We want to bring the best products to everyone - amateur as well as professional athletes. We strive to combine best from both worlds and make affordable, yet precise equipment. Proudly made in Riga, Latvia.


xTimer has already been mentioned in Latvian startup ecosystem and stepped on stage at TechChill 2020 Fifty founders battle.

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